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There’s nothing quite like having a theater or studio in your own home. It’s one of the most popular home renovations, especially given the vast market of low-cost, state-of-the-art home entertainment and gaming systems available today. Whether it’s a retrofit or a brand new installation, a home theater is an affordable and convenient way to enjoy first-class entertainment. And it can pay off big time when you’re ready to sell your home.

Installing a home theater needs to be done the right way. Ever been to a multiplex theater where you could hear the sounds and booms from the movie playing in the auditorium next to you? That’s a sign of poor soundproofing. The same thing can happen in your home if you don’t use the right materials and designs. Home theater sound systems include powerful subwoofers and high-wattage speakers that create a lot of noise.

Much of this noise occurs at low frequencies, which can be particularly hard to dampen. The Green Glue Company offers soundproofing solutions designed to isolate those low frequencies commonly found with entertainment systems. So, you can turn up the volume on the latest action film without disturbing your family upstairs.