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You might be as quiet as a mouse, but the world outside is a noisy place. There’s traffic, a passing jet engine above you, or even that annoying blare from your neighbor’s lawn mower. A lot of the most bothersome noise occurs at low frequencies—the type most difficult to isolate.

You can’t control the noise around you, but you can do a lot to prevent exterior noise from ruining the inner peace and tranquility of your home or office. Windows and doors let in a lot of noise, often more than the walls. If your budget allows, invest in deep, high-performance windows and doors.


Interior Noise

Are you jolted by the sound of footsteps from the room above? You’re not alone. Footsteps are the number one noise complaint of homeowners. But it’s not the only interior noise that can ruin the peace and tranquility of your home or office

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Impact Noise

Impact noise occurs when an object collides with another object, and you usually hear it from the floor above you. It could be footsteps, a chair sliding across a wood or tile floor, or an object falling on the floor. Impact noise travels freely through a structure and through air pockets.

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Flanking Noise

The diagram above illustrates how noise travels from one room to another. Direct noise is represented by the red arrows-- the straight line from the noise source through the wall to the adjoining room. But even more noise enters the adjoining room through indirect pathways like floors, air pockets in ceilings, ductwork, etc.

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