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Time is money, so they say, and there’s never enough time to get everything done. As homeowners increasingly start taking on their own renovation projects to save money and time, they are looking for solutions that perform well and are easy to apply. If those technologies are the same ones that professional contractors would choose, then all the better.

When it comes to noiseproofing, that’s exactly what Green Glue has to offer – particularly our Noiseproofing Compound and Sealant!

When applied between two sheets of drywall, the Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound drastically reduces noise transfer from one room to the next by as much as 90 percent, including low frequency sounds that are normally resistant to soundproofing. It comes in easy-to-dispense tubes and is simple to clean up – just use soap and water/

Once you’ve applied the Compound and put up your drywall, don’t forget to use Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant to plug up the gaps and leaks in walls and ceilings. They’re easily are easily overlooked but can contribute significantly to noise transfer. When applied along wall and ceiling edges, sealant can isolate sound by as much as 30dB frequencies.



Home Owner


Corrie Ort, a home owner, was working on a project to separate her house from an apartment that would be use as rental income. The space consists of two rooms and a bathroom and Corrie was concerned with noise that could be heard between both places

“After watching the Green Glue branded YouTube channel, I was very impressed by the ease of use and shared the video with the hired workers. Green Glue is not dangerous to install and the best part is you are not breathing any harmful chemicals or ingredients and it is very environmentally friendly.” 


Home Recording Studio Manager


Jack Mueth, a home recording studio manager in Missouri, learned about Green Glue from reading online forums. He was very impressed with the third party research provided by the forums, and the high rating it received from others in the forum. He’s tried similar products and soundproofing methods, but nothing compares to Green Glue.

“It’s worked great for me. 100% sound isolation is practically impossible on a realistic budget. Using Green Glue is not only affordable, and less expensive than most other soundproofing methods, but it also gets you to as close to 100% as possible.”

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