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As an architect, it is your job to design and create a space that is convenient, comfortable and affordable. There are very few things that can ruin the reputation of that space more effectively than faulty noiseproofing.

Noise is a problem that affects us all, and in the case of new construction, it is usually something the architect should have addressed early on. What this means is that your own reputation – and by extension your business – can be put at serious risk if you don't address soundproofing proactively at the very beginning of the building planning process. The integrity of your brand as an architect will be compromised if a customer starts thinking they have spent a huge amount of money on a new building that isn't shielded against irritating external or internal noise.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to consider soundproofing up front – during the design and development phase of a building. Not only is it good planning, but it will work out to be far more economical in the long run. And that's where Green Glue comes in.

Green Glue's Noiseproofing System consists of four components: Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound, Clips, Sealant, and Joist Tape. When these technologies are incorporated systematically into a new building or home design, they substantially reduce noise transmission between rooms, improving quality of life along with property values.

The complete Noiseproofing System can, in fact, decrease sound transmission by 30dB or more, blocking roughly 97% of noise. The means architects can offer the high-end luxury of soundproofing to your clients, cost-effectively.



Architecture Graduate Student


Dustin Moon, architecture graduate student at Berkley College, California, is currently working on a green project with his brother, Garrett Moon, for their parent's two-family house in Portland, OR. In the process of figuring out what would need to be specified into the blueprint, they took into consideration the amount of noise they wanted to reduce. They found Green Glue to be the best solution for this potential problem:

"We are a close family but living under the same roof would cut the amount of privacy that will be provided. With Green Glue, not only does it cut the noise pollution within the house, but it was easy to use and very efficient. We recommend this product to any architect building structures that require silence within the building or anyone who likes to keep their privacy at all."

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