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In the world of acoustics and soundproofing, specialists play a vital role.

Coming in during the last stages of construction or renovation, you bring your acoustical expertise to address a specific challenge or to generally reduce noise in a defined space. The problem is, that space is essentially a finished room or building. The walls are framed, the floors are in place, and most of the heavy lifting is done - this is the point at which the specialist is expected to advise on what soundproofing products a contractor should use.

You know that's not the way to get the best results. If you're brought in to soundproof a room that's essentially already built, you're very limited in what you can achieve. You need to get in front of the contractors – and ideally the architects – from the very beginning, so that you can recommend a solution from a wider breadth of soundproofing options and end up with a far better end result.

As a specialist in acoustics, you're most likely familiar with the Green Glue name. Understanding how the Green Glue products work as a complete system, though, will enable you to work through and offer solutions to a wider range of problems that contractors face in construction and renovation.

Green Glue's Noiseproofing System consists of four components: Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound, Clips, Sealant, and Joist Tape. When these technologies are incorporated systematically into a new building or home design, they substantially reduce noise transmission between rooms, improving quality of life along with property values. The complete Noiseproofing System can, in fact, decrease sound transmission by 30dB or more, blocking roughly 97% of noise.



Founder of TMSoundproofing


For Yanky Drew, founder of TMSoundproofing, this approach has helped his company grow and he has become a well trusted specialist in his industry.

"The goal should always be to build a room that's quiet – not to go into a finished structure and only then start thinking about reducing noise. Green Glue has proven to be the best solution for my projects and my clients are always satisfied when their lives have been noiseproofed."

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