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  • One layer of Green Glue can eliminate up to 90 percent of noise from penetrating a wall, ceiling or floor

Silencing the Barks


Despite the difficulties raising animals in a city environment – from limited residential space to dangerous traffic conditions – an increasing number of the urban working population in North America are becoming pet owners. This has seen a corresponding rise in pet concierge services, geared towards providing day care and vacation boarding for pets whose owners are too busy look after full time.

As any owner will admit, however, not all pets are quiet by nature, and concierge services are increasingly looking at soundproofing options to help keep the noise down. Paul Compitus, owner of Wiggly Pups  - a pet concierge located in New York’s Gramercy Park, was aware of the problem from the start.

Most of the space Wiggly Pups used was constructed such that any noise would be muffled, but Compitus quickly realized that the reception area in particular was very noisy and would need some extra help to prevent noise travelling between rooms. A systematic approach to noiseproofing the walls, he hoped, would help keep the sound levels down and his business popular with neighbors.

To reduce noise transmission, Compitus applied both the Noiseproofing Compound and Sealant between the original drywall and a second layer of drywall in the reception area. The project was a success. Noise levels decreased significantly through the walls and have allowed Wiggly Pups’ furry tenants – and their human neighbors – to enjoy the convenience of a local pet concierge, without disrupting their lives.

New Yorkers may become immune to traffic, construction and even police sirens, but they’re still not used to being serenaded by barking dogs,” says Compitus. “Installing the Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound and Sealant enabled me to keep my company located in the residential building of a premier neighborhood and still tend to the dog owners needs.”