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  • One layer of Green Glue can eliminate up to 90 percent of noise from penetrating a wall, ceiling or floor

Silence in New Mexico - From Hotels to Hospitals

Dan Gear is a general contractor based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and works as a division manager at Harrison Contracting. To date, he has used the Green Glue Noiseproofing System in three different projects at Harrison, and he continues to be astounded by how successfully they perform each and every time.
“I was first introduced to Green Glue by the architect of a historic hotel we were renovating,” Gear explains. “They wanted to create a better experience for their guests and to make the rooms feel more isolated. It was actually the architect who suggested that we use Green Glue to noiseproof the rooms, rather than adding another layer of gypsum board or using insulation as we previously would have done. It really worked, and the feedback that the hotel received from its guests was incredible.”
After that initial success, Gear and his team began to incorporate the Noiseproofing System on additional projects in a variety of buildings and structures. His satisfaction remains unchanged. “Every instance I’ve used Green Glue, from hospitals to hotels, it has certainly helped drop the decibel levels better than any other procedure I would have had to use instead.
“There are a number of ways to achieve decibel drop, but this is the most effective. If someone has a problem with noise transmission through a wall, I would definitely recommend they use Green Glue.”