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  • One layer of Green Glue can eliminate up to 90 percent of noise from penetrating a wall, ceiling or floor

Keeping Quiet While Making Noise

The life of a music producer is seldom easy - perfectionists pulling long, lonely nights recording, mixing, and dubbing in search of that elusive number one hit or album. They pass so many hours in the studio that many consider it their second home, not an original claim in itself, but how many of us who work long hours are at least comforted that we can always bring our work home?
Many music producers are now choosing to accomplish their late-night work at home by building professional studios right in their residence. Take Grammy-nominated producer Ulrich Wild.
After 20 years in the industry, Wild wanted to spend more time with his family while getting his work done. He needed a comfortable place, a studio that felt like home. It also needed to be professional in order to accommodate his clients, who were used to recording at massive levels into the early morning hours
Having witnessed the construction of several commercial recording studios, Wild knew how much material and labor was going to go into building his own studio. “Building any kind of music room in the house was out of the question, of course,” he recalls.
Fortunately, a solution provided itself that worked in his and his family’s favor: a vacant shed was already lying on his property that was close to the house yet isolated enough to feel like a separation from domestic life. Wild was confident that with the right soundproofing materials he would be able to get his work done while still being considerate to the people around him.
Ulrich elected to work with a specialty acoustical supplier, which offered a variety of choices that he could review online. He quickly reached out to its customer service experts, who reviewed his needs and helped him to a final decision. Rather than opting for the conventional studio construction (double-studded walls with sound board) he was looking to save space without losing isolation.
The answer was Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound. A key factor for his decision was the Compound’s much-lauded ability to reduce and even eliminate noise in the low-bass spectrum. Low-frequency noise is particularly challenging to isolate, yet it is perhaps the most common product of recording studios.
To accompany the Compound, Ulrich picked up the Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant to seal any cracks and gaps around walls, windows, and electrical outlets, significantly improving sound isolation.
The Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound was applied during the studio’s early construction stages. Following the supplied directions step by step, Ulrich used everything he had purchased to soundproof the 1000 square feet of wall and ceiling - 120 pieces of drywall and 30 pieces of plywood in multiple layers – that would eventually make up his studio.
After applying the Compound, he used the Noiseproofing Sealant to fill in any gaps between panels. Throughout this process – and subsequent finishing and installation of equipment – Ulrich charted his progress online, even recording some video for posterity (or at least YouTube).
Wild had high expectations but is extremely pleased with the results he has seen and is glad that he used the Noiseproofing Compound and Sealant rather than soundproofed boards. “I am very familiar with the levels of soundproofing that need to be reached in a studio in order to achieve quality isolation, and the Green Glue more than accomplished this”, he says.
Actions do speak louder than words, and Ulrich is now a firm supporter of Green Glue, recommending the Noiseproofing System to fellow musicians and producers.