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  • One layer of Green Glue can eliminate up to 90 percent of noise from penetrating a wall, ceiling or floor

Getting a Clear Beat

For Jack Mueth, a home recording studio manager based out of Missouri, noise control was of crucial importance. For any studio, sound quality and consistency is everything, and even the slightest intrusion by an external noise can ruin a project. When that facility is located in your home, the risks of noise interference are multiplied, and sound isolation becomes a key concern.
Mueth came to learn about the Green Glue Noiseproofing System as he approached a project to isolate a drumtracking room from external noise. He needed to ensure that his recordings were clear and crisp – a process that is impossible without sound isolation. Unfortunately, the other soundproofing methods and products he tried had not been able to get the job done.
Mueth was first directed to Green Glue as he researched the challenge of sound isolation at home on online forums. He was drawn to the technology based on the independent verification of Green Glue’s success provided by the forums, and the high ratings it received from other recording aficionados who posted regularly in the forum.
It was these third-party references that convinced him to give Green Glue a try, and the project was a resounding success.
“It’s worked great for me,” Mueth says. “100% sound isolation is practically impossible on a realistic budget, but Green Glue is not only affordable - and less expensive than most other soundproofing methods – but it also gets you as close to 100% as possible.”
Mueth is sold on the Noiseproofing System and has since recommended Green Glue to others – not only those with home recording studios but anyone looking to soundproof a space. “It ends up being a much less expensive way to isolate sound, than any other process I’ve tried, he explains. “If you want to put any money at all into sound isolation, then Green Glue is the way to go!”