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  • One layer of Green Glue can eliminate up to 90 percent of noise from penetrating a wall, ceiling or floor

A Good Night’s Sleep at Comfort Inn

Comfort Inn took a significant step in addressing one of the biggest complaints from guests at hotels – noise – when Green Glue’s Noiseproofing Compound was specifically chosen for use in the renovation of the four-storey Comfort Inn & Suites in Aurora to address the disruption caused by loud elevators, televisions and common spaces in the hotel.
Comfort Inn management turned to WM Brown Construction to help with renovation as well as to offer special consultation on their noise issues. “Eliminating noise between rooms was a particularly important focus for the project so we made it our priority to seek out the best solution,” said Mary Anderson, at WM Brown.
Anderson and her team consulted with Green Glue Company specialists, who were able to provide advice on ways to address noise problems at this Comfort Inn hotel. “After looking at some alternative soundproofing methods, we immediately saw the advantages of Green Glue,” she continued.
After determining which areas of rooms were the worst offenders, Green Glue recommended applying one layer of 5/8” drywall to each party wall – the walls between adjoining rooms – with a layer of Green Glue’s Noiseproofing compound in between. The soundproofing rehab took one week per floor, with another week on each floor for wallpapering the new walls. WM Brown completed the entire four floor project in six weeks.
From a cost-standpoint, Green Glue was a natural choice, not only because of the cost-to-performance ratio, but also because the construction company was able to use it with standard drywall, making it more cost-effective when custom pieces needed to be cut. And because it needed just one layer of standard drywall, which, unlike thicker soundboard paneling, did not require modifying door or window frames, Green Glue was a very non-intrusive addition.
After an informal test of the guests’ biggest complaint – loud television sets – it was immediately apparent that their efforts had paid off. “The results were really shocking – none of us believed how well the Green Glue worked,” Anderson concluded. “And management was extra happy. Their lives were about to be filled with a lot less noise, too.”