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History & Group

In 2003, Ted White was just completing an extensive home theater build in his home. All available sound isolation technologies and techniques were deployed, however when completed the overall sound isolation was lacking and White was very disappointed.

White presented his dissatisfaction to his acquaintance Brian Ravnaas from the Ravnaas Group, Inc of Fargo, North Dakota. At that time the Ravnaas Group was involved with developing highly specialized polymer solutions for various companies. Ravnaas and White started a dialog regarding the potential market for sound isolation various solutions that might be available to solve this common deficiency in performance. As chance would have it, Ravnaas was also a high end audio enthusiast, and clearly understood acoustics and the physics involved.

By combining these interests and skill sets, the concept of somehow inserting a damping layer into the construction was first introduced. Brian Ravnaas introduced his brother Brent Ravnaas to the project, and the two set about the task of testing different damping concepts. Blocks and sheets of cured damping materials were evaluated, however it became clear that the best results would come from damping the massive drywall itself with a semi-liquid paste. Green Glue was born, and in 2003 Audio Alloy LLC was created as the company to manufacture and market the new Green Glue product.

The company took a grass roots approach to the initial marketing by addressing the rapidly growing online community of home theater construction enthusiasts. The product was met with immediate enthusiasm, and the initial sales paid for the requisite acoustic lab testing. At that time a growing dealer network was established, and the intense loyal internet following made Green Glue a common internet term.

Following the success of the Green Glue product launch, the company changed the name to Green Glue Company, Inc.

Further product R&D based on market needs led to the development of additional products such as an Green Glue Noiseproofing Sealant and the highly effective Noiseproofing Clips.

In 2008 the Green Glue Company was sold to Saint-Gobain.